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Public and Onsite Seminars


This seminar covers the basic theory and practice of mind-body medicine, as well as the latest scientific developments and emerging therapies. It also covers strategies for multi-disciplinary collaboration among physicians, nurses, and mental health professionals to form an effective health care team.

  • Minding the Pain
    Applying the Principles of Mind-body Medicine in Pain Management

    • This seminar focuses on the latest in mind-body therapies for pain relief, including progressive relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, and psychotherapy. We explore and identify the role of the mind in creating and experiencing pain according to the latest research in mind-body medicine.

  • The Medical Ethics of Caring
    How to Best Use Your Training and Background in Deciding to do the Right Thing

As a 21st century health care professional, some of your most challenging questions are not medical, but philosophical. For example, how do you allocate finite resources when human life is considered infinitely valuable? Unfortunately, there is no rule book that can make these decisions for you, but the responsibility is still in your hands.

Ethically, the practice of medicine at the end of life is unique. In this seminar, you will learn how to work with as clear a conscience as possible in a situation where many of the standard rules and practices simply don’t apply.

The skyrocketing costs of hi-tech health care have rendered group health insurance one of the most expensive — and one of the most sought after — benefits that employers can provide to their employees. Yet the power of mind to cure or reduce occupational health health problems remains largely untapped. In this seminar you will what you can realistically expect — and not expect — from the power of the mind to heal, based on hard evidence and sound, scientific principles. You will also learn the simple, inexpensive therapeutic techniques that are often all you need to avoid costly surgical operations or to shorten expensive hospital stays.

  • Integrative Medicine/Collaborative Practice: 
    Building an Effective, Comprehensive Health Care Team

    (under development and soliciting input from the field)

  • Religion and Spirituality in Healthcare
    (under development)

The relationship between health and religion or spirituality as been known from antiquity, a fact that modern science has only recently verified. Based on this recent research you will learn the basic principles of how to mobilize the patient's spiritual and religious beliefs to promote optimal health and quality of life.

If you really want to understand both the power of the mind to affect health and its limitations, then this is the seminar for you. You've read the books, attended some of the church services, and maybe even taken some seminars on the power of thought to heal. Or maybe you're a skeptic, who has just heard enough about the "miracle" of mind over matter in medicine to begin to take an interest. Either way, you're ready to begin sorting out the truth about it from amidst both the hype and the skepticism. 

On-Site Fees and Expenses


Seminars are sponsored by either the instructor or a sponsoring organization. With instructor-sponsored seminars, tuition fees are collected directly from participants upon registration. With organization-sponsored seminars, fees  are specified in the individual seminar descriptions and are due and payable at the end of the seminar, unless otherwise negotiated. Call for more information at (949) 633-0027 or e-mail to

Travel and Expense Reimbursement
(Organization-sponsored Seminars Only)

If the travel involved is less than 25 miles, there is no travel charge. If the distance is 26-100 miles, there is a  50˘ per mile personal car mileage fee. Morning or evening engagements at distances of over 50 miles will also require hotel accommodations. If the distance is over a hundred miles, fees will include air fare or mileage, hotel accommodations, and $60 per diem. Air fare and hotel accommodations (room, tax, and other mandatory costs) are reimbursable at costs. Travel fees are due and payable before the beginning of the session.

Group Seminars

As of now, there are no public seminars scheduled. However, if you would like to sponsor a seminar in your location, all you need to do is enroll 5 to 10 other people (depending on location and travel expenses) and we will bring the seminar to you. Tuition is $109 per participant. Enroll five other people and you attend tuition free! For each person you enroll after that, you yourself will receive $10 per capita commission. Enroll a large enough number, and you can pay the on-site seminar fee and keep the rest for yourself. Call 949/633-0027 for details.

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