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Links to Other Mind-body Medicine Sites

Have chronic back or neck pain? Check out these sites. These physicians have achieved some astounding results in providing permanent, drug-free, surgery-free relief: 

is the site of Dr. David Schechter. a sports medicine physician on the West Coast. He was trained in treating back pain due to tension myositis syndrome (TMS) by Dr. John Sarno, Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at at NYU. Dr. Sarno's site is:

Want to know what is happening on the scientific side? Check out these university research sites:

Harvard Medical School's Mind/body Medical Institute, headed by Dr. Herbert Benson, who originally discovered the relaxation response, has its site at:

The University of California at Irvine Medical School, Susan Samueli Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, can be reached at:

Duke University Medical School is also doing some interesting research. Their site for mind-body medicine is:

Links to New Thought Movement Sites

For links to New Thought movement pages, may I refer you to the following site, maintained by C. Alan Anderson, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus of Curry College, who has been an early pioneer in the synthesis of Process and New Thought. 

New Thought Movement Home Page

Prof. Anderson's own site, which also takes a scholarly approach to combining Process Philosophy and New Thought, is:

There he has been working on this subject jointly with his wife Deb Whitehouse, also a serious scholar in this field. A paper on this synthesis can be found at:

A Process New Thought Ezine titled The Burning Bush, published by Hyatt Carter and Arthur Chang of the Founders Church of Religious Science can be found at:

Links to Process Philosophy Sites


Society for the Study of Process Philosophies

Center for Process Studies

Japan Internet Center for Process Studies, including, with many quotations from Whitehead's Process and Reality, the valuable Contextual Index of Process and Reality

The Australasian Association for Process Thought, with links, considerable information on Charles Hartshorne, regarded by many as the most significant Process thinker since Whitehead, including photos taken in connection with his 103rd birthday; "The Wit and Wisdom of Whitehead"; and Concrescence: The Australasian Journal of Process Thought online.

Association for Process Psychology

Association for Process Philosophy of Education


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