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Your Mind and Your Health
A Realistic Appraisal of What It Can and Cannot Do


If you really want to understand both the power of the mind to affect health and its limitations, then this is the seminar for you. You've read the books, attended some of the church services, and maybe even taken some seminars on the power of thought to heal. Or maybe you're a skeptic, who has just heard enough about the "miracle" of mind over matter in medicine to begin to take an interest. Either way, you're ready to begin sorting out the truth about it from amidst both the hype and the skepticism. 

Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in understanding how the mind affects health — from a realistic, scientifically-based viewpoint.

Learning Objectives

Seminar participants will learn:

  • What mind-body medicine entails
  • The theory and scientific evidence of mind-body medicine
  • How mind-body medicine relates to conventional, alternative, complementary, and holistic medicine
  • Why mind-body medicine is essential to becoming and staying health
  • The risks, drawbacks, and limitations of mind-body medicine
  • Understanding the skepticism about mind-body medicine
  • The techniques and therapies used in mind-body medicine
  • How to work with your doctor and other health care professionals in using your mind to promote health.

Seminar Formats

Note: Fees represent our charges to the sponsoring organization. The number of students, and any tuition fees charged to the students, are at the sponsoring organization's discretion.

One-hour Keynote/Lecture
Provides a solid overview of mind/body medicine with some time allotted to a question-and-answer session. Also described on the "Lectures" page under the same title.

Continuing education credit: one contact hour.
Fee: $500

Three-hour Seminar
Provides for interaction between the audience and the instructor and time to discuss actual or hypothetical scenarios.

Continuing education credit: three contact hours.
Fee: $1,500

Six-hour (One-day) Seminar

Best for audiences that want more hands-on knowledge and can devote a full day to it. The first session is lecture-discussion, with extensive audience interaction throughout. The second is devoted primarily to demonstrating therapeutic techniques. 

Continuing education credit: six contact hours.
Fee: $3,000


Continuing Education Provider Approved by the:

California Board of Behavioral Sciences, Provider #2388

for 1, 3, or 6 Contact Hours, depending on seminar format.

(May also be provided under a sponsoring organization's provider number.)

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